Ukrainian voice for Speech API and program for converting text to speech

UkrVox is a Ukrainian voice for Speech API and a simple program for converting text to speech. This simple software can convert any written Ukrainian (as well as English and Russian) text into spoken words. The voice of the legendary Ukrainian radio announcer Ihor Murashko was used as the basis of the Ukrainian voice.

Ukrainian text-to-speech software UkrVox has a solid linguistic base, tens of thousands of pre-basic words, support for word formation and morphological analysis of texts.

After starting the program, a window opens with a form where you can insert text for voicing. Inserting can be done by simply copy-pasting or importing from a text document. You can listen to the inserted text or save it to a WAV file. The sliders below the form allow you to adjust the speed and volume of the generated audio. Clicking on the settings button will open a corresponding window where you can fine-tune the speech options.

Pros and Cons
Ukrainian voice for the Speech API
Possibility of use by third-party programs
Support for documents in TXT and XML formats
A large number of valuable settings
Recording to an audio file in WAV format
Lack of English interface
Errors and hangs occur
Playback quality will not suit everyone

UkrVox is a program that will allow you to integrate a Ukrainian voice into the Speech API system and use it to voice Ukrainian texts. It has several exciting features and settings and can be helpful in some cases. However, it should be recognized that today there are tools that have advanced much further in this field.

Author:Yaroslav Kozak
Updated:January 25, 2011
Latest Version: 4.2
Available languages:Ukrainian

Download UkrVox

Below are the links to download UkrVox for Windows for free. All links are direct and checked for malicious inclusions.

What’s new
  • Improved support for the English language.


Download and run the installer and follow the installer instructions.